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Matt Beard | Beard Art

Posted on October 13, 2014

Matt Beard is an artist and surfer that creates amazing paintings inspired by the ocean. He began his journey painting in 1991 at the age of sixteen and he has refined his trade to the point where his work has been requested by people all around the world. His art has been published and recognized all over surf and art related publications to include the Surfer's Journal. His work speaks to the soul of the ocean culture and is enjoyed by people all over the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Yes, his last name really is Beard, and yes, he does have one which works out quite well! His work is available as original art, on canvas and as prints on paper in different sizes to meet the customers application. Matt has been involved in several projects to support non profit entities. One example was the Board Art Benefit, a fund raiser he created for Surf Aid International where he invited 35 artists (including himself of course) to team up with surfboard shapers to create artworks which were then auctioned off to help the organization continue their goal to help provide health and well being to those in isolated areas.

Groundswell Supply met up with Matt at a recent Boardroom event and was instantly drawn to his amazing style. His work is unique among ocean artists and seems to speak to the things that we love most about the ocean and surfing. We also are stoked to be working with and individual that is intentional about giving back through their talents and business.

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