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Posted on August 24, 2015
Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith were the pioneers behind the iconic Gordon & Smith name.  Their legendary Gordon & Smith Surfboards and Skateboards have become known worldwide for their innovative materials, shapes and quality construction. Started in the late 50’s when most surfboards were shaped from balsa wood, they had a vision and product that would revolutionize the surfboard industry. They replaced the heavy wood boards of the time with Polyurethane foam which was an ideal material for light weight surfboards soon to become cutting edge. Larry, a chemistry 
student, was able to source the foam chemicals with help from Gordon Plastics, his father’s family business. With no surfboards available within 50 miles, Larry and Floyd built a mold and began blowing their own foam and building surfboards. By the winter of 1959, the demand for their foam surfboards forced a move from Floyd’s Pacific Beach garage into their first surf shop. Gordon and Smith was born and would become one of a small group of individuals to launch the Surf Industry.  Through the sixties and seventies Gordon and Smith was able to successfully adapt to the change in surfboard design and lead the progression within the industry to become the world’s largest surfboard manufacturer .  During this time Gordon and Smith also become one of the largest, most successful skateboard companies and one of the first to sponsor professional teamriders. Skateboarding exploded as the company sold 500 Fibreflex skateboards per day with a 6 month backlog and skaters became overnight superstars.  They continued their success by producing surf wear for specialty surf stores.  The Gordon & Smith family has continued to produce top quality surfboards throughout the decades and has rereleased some of their high quality skateboards upgraded with more modern materials.  Larry Gordon owns the business to this day, he still surfs and is looked upon as a legend in the surfing and skateboarding industry.  Larry's son Eric and daughter Debbie are doing an excellent job carrying on the tradition as they run the business today.  Quality and innovation are reasons Groundswell Supply is proud to partner with Gordon and Smith.  ” Knowing our past, in that we have served millions, gives continued vision for our future”.
Larry Gordon
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