Free Shipping + Free Surf Wax
Free Shipping + Free Surf Wax

Only the Best

Groundswell Supply is a San Diego based online store for carefully chosen, durable and premium quality products for the ocean lifestyle. We have worked extensively with several well established craftsmen, product manufacturers and writers to create a store that is unique and reflects excellence throughout both in product offerings and through content in our Groundswell Blog.

Exceeding Expectations

We put a lot of effort and thought into every product in our store. We choose durable high quality products that are made ethically and responsibly. When you buy a product to use while doing something you enjoy, we want your experience to exceed your expectations. Serving you well is our highest priority. Most of the products we supply are hand crafted in America by people that we know personally. Many of these talented individuals live within driving distance of San Diego so we have the opportunity to visit the factories regularly and see where the magic happens. We take great pride in everything we offer.


Good Things Love Water

Groundswell Supply is a small family owned business which was started in 2012. The owners have been involved in retail, ecommerce, customer service and product manufacturing since 1990. More importantly the owners have a love for surfing, paddling and skating which began in the early eighties. Living in San Diego just minutes from the sea, our quality products are tested daily in the ocean and on land.

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