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Jon Wegener Alaia Surfboard

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The Alaia by Jon Wegener is possibly the most wholistic surfing experience one can have.   The alai a (pronounced: ah-LIE-ah) is a thin, round-nosed, square-tailed board ridden in ancient Hawaii in the pre-20th century.  The boards were between 7 and 12 foot long, weighed up to 100 pounds and were generally made from the wood of Acacia Koa wood.  They are distinct from modern surfboards in that they have no fins.  The Wegener Alaias are made from Paulownia wood which has a low density giving excellent buoyancy and is resistant to soaking up water. Not only is this wood stunning to look at but when you are riding an Alaia or surfboard made with Paulownia timber, another tree starts to grow again.  These are designed for an intermediate to advanced surfer who has a fair amount of determination and surf skill.  The Alaia works well in good, steep faced waves in the knee high to head high range.  Malibu would be an ideal break to ride this type of wave machine.  Jon calls it the "magic carpet" as it feels like being on ice as the ride is super fast and frictionless.  If you still haven't found what you are looking for, this may be your next board. Alaias are hand shaped and signed by Jon Wegener, world class designer and shaper. Groundswell Supply surfboards are custom made and are prepaid at time of order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Oversize shipping fee applies, see actual cost for your zip code at checkout.


About Wegener Surf

Jon Wegener grew up, began surfing and shaping in Southern California. He has been shaping since 1987 and has dreamed of doing nothing else except surfing and shaping ever since. After his college years in San Diego, he returned to Hermosa Beach, CA and began to work on his passion full-time.

In addition to starting Wegener Surfboards he has also shaped for a number of other veteran shapers including Hap Jacobs, and Bing Surfboards. In 2010 Jon moved to Encinitas, CA. As a board maker Jon has always tried to find the right board for the right conditions. Jon loves to make and ride a huge variety of surfboards.  Depending on the surf conditions he rides anything from a finless wooden alaia, to a “traditional” fiberglass noserider, or a progressive shortboard.

In 2005, Jon’s brother Tom Wegener introduced Jon to the Alaia after a trip he had taken to the Bishop Museum in Hawaii. The two brothers have been making Alaias, and Paipos, and trying to get the word out ever since. Along with the boards they make they have been spreading information about Paulownia wood, a special wood perfect for making surfboards. Since Jon began working with wood, he has not only looked for ways to combine his two passions, he has strived to make his regular surfboards “ASAP” (as sustainable as possible).

Jon is more excited about where the surfing world is going now, than at any other time in his surfing/shaping career. At Wegener Surfboards we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this new path that surfing has taken, and we can’t wait to see what new developments are waiting up ahead.

At Groundswell Supply we have been searched carefully for those individuals and companies that are innovators and creators of beautiful and functional things to use in the water. Jon Wegener and Wegener Surf fits the bill precisely. Through Jon and his product testing and creation we have discovered an expanded horizon on how we view a surf craft. Not only is Jon an accomplished board builder and shaper but is an outstanding woodworker who brings this unique skill set into the creation of his designs. He also surfs and tests everything he sells as well as gathering input from riders of his boards. Few shapers we know of offer such a diverse collective of water craft...and the best part is that they work amazing! In our recent interview Jon called himself a “surf doctor”, he has the ability to understand what works best for the conditions, riders ability and desired result. We take all this into account when we build a product for you. Just like a skilled physician there are numerous methods and equipment that can be utilized to accomplish the best outcome. Our approach is to create beautiful handmade products that will give you many of the best rides of your life. With Wegener Surf the Stoke is virtually impossible to avoid.



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