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Faz Bem

Posted on October 13, 2014
Faz Bem is a headwear & accessories product line based in Mozambique Africa. The brand was created out of a desire to employ gifted artisans who could make beautiful and and one of a kind pieces.

We believe employment=empowerment

Faz Bem is proud to partner with rural artisans in Mozambique and South Africa to provide you with unique handmade products. Thank you for playing a part in providing someone with a life giving job. A vehicle to move away from co-dependency to self sustainability. Through their development projects artisans receive business training and skills not only to sell to the larger consumer base, but to their own local markets as well.

Groundswell is so thankful to be working with Faz Bem. We believe in their model to create opportunities for those who would not otherwise have jobs. Through this beautiful and unique product you are wearing you can invest directly in helping mankind in a very tangible way. The Faz Bem product fit well into the ocean lifestyle community and we love their fresh designs for all ages. Faz Bem is a “High Five” partner which means that we will give back 5% of the sale of this product to the non profit organization.
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