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Jeff Brubaker | Brubaker Woodworks

Posted on October 31, 2014
Jeff Brubaker is a craftsman and builder of unique and beautiful products from wood. He has been woodworking his whole life starting in 1975. Since that time he has been creating custom cabinetry and wood work for homes all over California. As an avid surfer and waterman, Jeff began applying his love and career in woodworking to his water toys. Along the way he began building Hawaiian inspired Alaias and then progressed to hand made wake surfing boards under the Kayu brand name. In the last several years he has been building these one of a kind handplanes and clocks. Jeff is one of those guys that can take something raw and unsightly and transform it into a beautiful work of art as evidenced by his handplanes and clocks. These products are all made by Jeff in his factory in Oceanside California. One of the elements that makes these product extra special is the use of the old growth woods, some of these dating back 45o years as evidenced by the handplanes made with Black Walnut. The products in our store are made with extreme care and attention to detail. Each piece was designed by Jeff and are hand cut, glued, sanded, finished and signed by him. Each wood piece that is used in water receives a waterproof sealant. These functional and beautiful products feature a variety of natural woods to include black walnut, Peruvian Walnut, Balsa, Spanish Cedar, Northern California Redwood, Tennessee Red Cedar, Honduran Mahogany, Douglas Fir and other woods that come available through Jeff's travels. One of the woods was actually acquired through disassembly of an old barn that had a good supply suitable for making these beauties. Jeff resides in Oceanside California with his two sons and takes every opportunity he has to get into the ocean to test and enjoy his work. Jeff Brubaker Woodworking represents the values and quality upon which Groundswell Supply has been established and we are proud to be working with him for his amazing handmade creations.

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