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Bill Shrosbree | Fresh Pineapples Surfboards

Posted on October 22, 2014

Behind the Boards with Chris Ahrens: Bill Shrosbree from Groundswell Supply on Vimeo.

Bill Shrosbree of Fresh Pineapples Surfboards started his shaping career in 1965 along side some of the most prolific shapers in surf history. He was able to carve out a oustanding reputation for his design and shaping skills early on. His name and equipment is synonymous with quality longboards and fun shapes. Within shaping and surfing elite, his name is well known as a ultra talented designer and shaper. “Shros” as he is affectionately known by many is considered a shaping legend as he has worked with some of the greatest shapers in modern surf history. He has shaped boards personally and in production settings for Dale Velzy, Greg Noll, Bing Copeland, Stewart, Con and Gordon and Smith. Additionally Shros worked with Ed Wright at Sunset Surfboards for many years as one of the premier surfboard builders in the country during the sixties and seventies. He has shaped boards for many well known surfers and was also the head shaper for Joel Tudor surfboards for several years before branching out to focus on his Fresh Pineapples brand. He has incorporated his 49 years of experience into creating classic longboards and fun shapes that just work well and have the mark of craftsmanship from nose to tail. He is known for his very distinctive way of hand shaping rails which are very forgiving and easy to ride for any level of surfer. Over the years he has mastered the art of creating fluid longboard designs as well as fun progressive shapes as evidenced by his Shrosburger model which has been a favorite board by surfers for over forty years. This particular model was so well liked that it has received several awards. The Butch Van Artsdalen longboard model was created as a tribute to the legendary big wave surfer who Shros would see as a young boy in Pacific City where he lives. Shros always admired Butch and decided to shape and design a surfboard as a tribute to this surfing legend who was known for tackling Pipeline, Sunset and Waimea Bay in the 60's and 70's. Shros currently lives in San Diego with his wife Sandy where they enjoy living close to the ocean and their favorite surf beach Windansea.

Groundswell Supply sought out to partner with a very established board builder for our longboards and fun shapes. In this endeavor we worked with Ed Wright who recommended Shros as one of the best shapers in the business. We are happy we took Ed's advice and feel privileged to have built a relationship with Shros as he has become a good friend who has been able to teach us so much about the art of shaping and the surfboard history.


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