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Chris Ahrens | New book "Behold What is Greater Than Thyself"

Posted on October 06, 2016

Chris Ahrens has written many books through the years that speak specifically to the surf culture.  We are excited to announce this new writing.  Heres a short synopsis written by Chris:  

For everyone that finds Baja hell on earth, someone else considers it the world’s last paradise. For surfers it’s a great place to find lonely and perfect waves. For sinners it’s a good place to become a saint. For saints, it’s a convenient place to become a sinner. While the unlucky can lose their wallets, their health and their sanity in 24 hours or less, the chosen ones part only with things not worth keeping. Baja is a bad place for some, a good place for others and the only place for a young surfer in big trouble.
When 15-year old surfer Tommy Stern retaliates against his alcoholic father’s violent attack, he thinks he has killed the man. In response to his crime the boy grabs his surfboard and hitchhikes south, all the way to the Mexican boarder. With the few dollars he has in his pocket he hires a Coyote to smuggle him into Baja. Once in Mexico, families of commercial fishermen take in the boy. In time he discovers perfect, empty waves while learning the ways of a caring family and the art of commercial line fishing.  

He lives in peace and poverty, once surfing death-defying waves on a small lava island a few miles from shore. When his conscience disturbs him after five years on the run, he smuggles himself back into the U.S. where he expects to face murder charges. What he finds upon his return, however, alters his life forever.

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