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Woodroze PoleKat Ebony Wood Polarized Sunglasses (Polar Mirror Lens)

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Unique new style frame called PoleKat from the creators at Woodroze.  Help the ocean and the earth by wearing these quality framed sunglasses.  These are the most high tech wooden sunglasses in the world. Featuring 2mm Italian made polycarbonate lenses, recycled soft wood polymer frames and optics grade quad barrel stainless steel hinges. Does not contain halogens, sulfur, nitrogen, lead, mercury, cadmium or hexavalent chromium (often found in other plastics)and are Bisphenol-A (BPA) free. Each pair of glasses comes in a protective microfiber bag for protection.

About Woodroze

The founders of Woodroze found themselves outside most of the time... which is how they got started with sunglasses. Sunglasses are nothing new so they wanted to add a twist to the industry and offer something different. The business plan started in 2007 on a napkin and every year it grew until they saved enough money to start. They manufacture high quality wood and sustainable products.
The product lend themselves to being above or under the water as well. They decided in the beginning that they wanted to aid in reef farming seeing how much our underwater eco system depends on reefs. So with every single purchase of a pair of wooden sunglasses, a portion of the sale goes to reef restoration down in the Florida Keys. They are currently manufacturing our "softwood series" of wood sunglasses made from different types of pine trees. Something no one else is doing. For every tree they harvest we plant three. They offer a sustainable product with the ruggedness of a tank. They use all high grade Italian optics and hinges in the product.

After looking at hundreds of sunglass models and numerous brands, Groundswell Supply selected Woodroze to be among the best in overall quality combined with value. The use of premium woods as well as the floatable products offered are ideal for our lifestyle. Each design is carefully “Crafted by Man” to look good, feel light, and withstand the elements. We especially love their sustainable approach to optics and their replanting initiative with each harvest as well as their concern for protecti
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