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Wetsuit Bag and Changing Mat

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The Cinch Sac is an ingenious product for the surfer or paddler or anyone that wears a wetsuit.  The sack is made of a durable nylon fabric which allows you to remove your wetsuits on a clean waterproof surface, then you can simply pull the strings and your wetsuit is contained neatly in a compact bag that will not leak water into your car.  It makes getting out of your suit a "cinch".  The Cinch Sac is 100% waterproof, machine washable and is hand made in California by people who surf! We love this product and will not go to the beach without it.

About Bionic Labs

Bionic Labs is a funky little surf company out of Leucadia California that makes durable, functional, quality products for the serious surfer. These hand made products are built in the USA using the highest quality materials. Due to environmental concerns, they are not interested in producing trendy throw away goods. Rather they are proud to make products using American made materials, manufactured locally where they can support the local economy.

Groundswell Supply is impressed with the quality and function of the Cinch Sac westuit bag and changing mat. Those of you who surf know what a wet monster is like when you remove your suit after a surf or paddle. This genius product allows you to remove your suit on a clean surface and then cinch your wetsuit up in a waterproof bag to keep the water out of your car.

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