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SurfCo Hawaii Quick Fix Putty Surfboard Repair Kit

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Quick Fix Putty is designed for repairing both epoxy and polyester surf and paddle boards.  The kit includes putty, gloves, wet/dry sandpaper, wooden applicator and instructions.  Also available is a rubberized Quick Fiz kit, this smaller "Menhune size" kit works best for bodyboards, leash plugs and small repairs.

About SurfCo Hawaii

Surfco Hawaii was established in 1986 to distribute the Nose Guard. Nose Guards proved to be the best solution in reducing injuries caused by the surfboard nose tip. In the winter of 1986, the Nose Guard was introduced and tested by top professional surfers on the North Shore of Hawaii. Since then, Surfco Hawaii has invented and produced many unique products, such as the Diamond Tip, Quick Fix,  Hot Grip and Pro Teck Fins. These products have earned Surfco Hawaii an international reputation as a source for quality surfing products. SurfCo Hawaii continually tests its products to improve upon them and provide its customers with the best products possible. A team of over 100 professional and top amateur surfers around the world use SurfCo Hawaii's products. We hope you are pleased with our products and that they help you enjoy the sport of surfing. The Surfco Hawaii products are unique as they fill an important place in protecting people and equipment from the unexpected. This is especially important for beginners as well as experienced water surfers and paddlers. The Nose Guards Pro Teck Fins, Quick Fix repair kits, and Hot Grip traction pads are well known around the world and can be found in local shops.
SurfCo products are made in the USA with the finest materials and quality available.

Groundswell Supply sees the need to have products like this available to protect surfers and paddlers. Their mix of innovative products makes the handling of our equipment so much easier and safer. The owner is a surfer and is committed to developing the best quality products for you and your board. This unique mix of quality accessories is an excellent fit for the Groundswell Supply store.
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