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Slyde Handboards Hexflex Blue Crush

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If you like body surfing or getting barreled in the shore break you should pick up the new Slyde Hexflex handboard.  These boards are lightweight and strong, manufactured of surfboard fiberglass and foam core technology.  Easy to take with you on any surf adventure.  You will get into tight tubes with this new Blue Crush model.  

◦ Materials:  Epoxy, 3D glassing , Triaxial fiberglass, High density PET foam

◦ Weight : 300 Grams/ 10.5 OZ

◦ Dimensions:  11.75” X  7.5” at its widest point

◦ Overall:   Made with Hydroflex 3D-Glassing™ Technology, and it connects both sides of the handboard deck through its core. This process multiplies the bonding surface and strength between resin, cloth and core, meaning no de-lamination.

◦ Wave Size:  Designed specifically for those fast powerful shorebreaky waves, however it a dream on anything over 2-3 feet with some shape this size wont take you as far as the bigger handboards.

◦ Skill Level:  The hex flex size is great for smaller hands and smaller bodies in every wave and for the bigger rider you will need a little more punch on your wave to keep you going down the line for longer

About Slyde Handboards


Slyde Handboards has worked their way up from humble beginnings.  Starting the journey with riding a fast food tray in the early days these guys have earned their place in the surf craft world.  To a young South African kid stoked on the ocean that tray became more than a piece of plastic to carry your burger and fries.  This was the beginning of a quest to ride waves no matter what the apparatus.   Things have changed a lot since that time and after a lot of years of testing and creating high quality handboards, the Slyde team has established themselves as the premier hand board builder in the world incorporating the best technology and a team of frothing watermen that test and create the stoke.  These guys are the real deal and Groundswell Supply is stoked to have what we believe are the best handboards available in the world.

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