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Jedidiah Kingston Hat

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Classic black twill snap back hat. Flat bill with medium crown and medium raised embroidery. One size fits most. The Jedidiah clothing brand is known for their positive message and compassion for others.  They have created relevant designs using premium quality, ethically made garments that you will love to wear.  After testing many products on the market we have found their materials and product quality to be some of the best available.  

About Jedidiah

Since 2004, Jedidiah has worked to fulfill their mission, which is to use apparel sales as a vehicle to provide care and support to those in need. Jedidiah has done this through unique revenue share partnerships with nonprofit organizations that serve the needs of others locally as well as around the world. They are continually amazed by the work and dedication that they see within these organizations. How they show their love to others through the work they do and how they put the needs of people less fortunate in front of their own. Over the years the Jedidiah staff has had the privilege to travel with some of their partners and see firsthand the work being done. We are inspired by what they do. One of the goals has always been to somehow to be an inspiration to others. Their model of using a business platform to create revenue for others can be duplicated in any industry. It is satisfying to see others in the apparel industry, as well as other industries, finding ways to share economic resources to fund the good work being done by those who serve. We believe we live in the most compassionate country the world has ever seen. We also believe in the idea that capitalism can make a major difference in how nonprofit organizations are funded today and into the future. Jedidiah is part of this new economic culture of social good and consumer driven philanthropy. We are pleased that you have joined us in this ever growing movement.

At Groundswell Supply we have been inspired by Jedidiah...with purpose they have taken steps to create a positive influence in the world through the design and manufacture of premium quality apparel that is both culturally relevant and stylish. The Jedidiah brand is a tremendous example of social good, creating products with the expressed goal of giving hope and helping those in need. We are thankful for our relationship with a company that represents these special ideals.

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