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King's SS Stand Up Paddle Board

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The King's SS model stand up paddle board is an excellent longboard style SUP surfboard.  Having a narrower nose than the Knight model, the SS turns well, releases off the top and lets you carve easily on the face of the wave.  Also an awesome board for flat water paddling! King's Paddle Boards are world renowned for quality and performance and are known as the gold standard in performance paddle boards.  All of our Kings paddle boards are designed by master shaper Dave Daum and are 100% custom made in San Diego to your specifications.  We take into account your ability, height, weight, and desired usage before we build your board.  Your dimensions are then loaded into the CAD system and prepared for the CNC cutting machine for precise dimensions.  Once the board is cut it is then hand finished by a experienced board builder. Finally, color is added using King's state of the art automotive spray booth and then the high quality glassing and resin is applied.  King's utilizes bio friendly EPS foam and the most environmentally friendly epoxy resin available.  Choose your favorite color combination, deck pad color, and desired fin options for thruster, quad or five fin.  Board finish, deck pad choice and fin set upgrades are available for a additional fee.  We offer a complete line of Kia Loa, Quick Blade and Werner Paddles in addition to our standard King's paddle, inquire for pricing and specifications. Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery.  Upon receipt of your order we will get a current truck freight quote for approval prior to starting your order.

About Kings

Kings Paddle Sports was started by Dave and Rhonda Daum. There is a rich heritage behind the King's name that starts with Dave's Dad. In 1949, following his return from fighting during World War II, Jimmy Daum brought his outrigger canoe back with him from Honolulu to San Onofre, CA. Jimmy was a true waterman who built and paddled his own watercraft. In 1956 Dave Daum was born. Dave was raised in a world of surfing and surfboard building. Dave's mentors were many of the most famous surfers and surfboard builders of the sixties, seventies and eighties. It came natural for Dave to become a standout surfer, a world class shaper and outstanding engineer. In 2005 Dave tried SUP surfing for the first time. Although fun, Dave thought to himself “this would be super fun if only we had surfboards that are wide enough to stand up paddle yet loose like surfboards.” This simple idea, along with Dave's surfing, shaping and engineering and business background gave birth to Kings Paddle Sports. Today King's is the recognized world leader in terms of surfing and racing SUP boards. Their clients are highly discriminating and satisfied with only the best. Towards this end, King's has positioned itself to produce the best built, best performing and best looking SUP boards. And they do all of this in the United States of America. The King's name is known worldwide as paddlers around the globe are riding King's at their favorite surf break, river or lake.

Each board is custom made in entirety at their state of the art facility in San Marcos, California. Once your model, dimensions and color choice is determined the process begins. We start with a premium quality American made recyclable EPS foam blank. The blank is machined on King's aerospace adapted CNC router to your precise measurements. Once the board is machined to your specifications, the blank is then hand sanded by a seasoned finish shaper. Next, they apply color and graphics using their automotive grade spray booth. Finally, a high quality epoxy glass and resin system is applied and prepared for final sand and/or polish. Once this is all complete a deck pad is applied in your color choice. The process takes about 8-12 weeks as every step is done with extreme care and attention to detail. Once this has all done and quality has been inspected your board is prepared for shipment in a specially designed crate, or if you are in the area we can arrange for pickup.

Groundswell Supply takes great pride in the craftsmanship of every product we offer. We are confident that you will see like we have that King's is the gold standard in paddle board building technology an craftsmanship. Whether you are in it for fun, to race or to surf on a paddle board our product offering has a specific model designed to meet the need. We consider the people at Kings as friends and we have greatly enjoyed working with them to supply you the world's best in paddle boards.

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