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Kala Brand Watermelon Soprano Ukulele

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$ 110.00
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Kala Brand is know for quality at an affordable price and this Watermelon designed uke is no exception.  This model is made from Mahogany with silk screened watermelon.  They have great sound and play easy for the beginner or the seasoned player.  Perfect for that next beach or road trip.

About Kala Brand

Kala Ukeleles was started in in 2005 by Mike Upton who saw an opportunity to develop a niche market in the manufacture of ukeleles in many shapes and sizes.  He was working for another company that sold them and then decided to take a leap to start his own business using his own ideas and creativity to start Kala Brand. Although their are other companies supplying ukeleles, Kala has recently become know as the brand in the surf culture. They made ukes accessible to the average person with affordable models for youth and adults on up to the expert player. The company now supplies over 120 different styles of ukeleles.  His father started playing the instrument when he was a youth which gave him the initial interest in them. Kala has become known for their high quality and affordable price.  We are amazed at the quality and value that they offer on their products.  The craftsmanship is excellent and we at Groundswell Supply are very stoked to partner with such a quality organization.

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