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Groundswell Supply Custom Made Wetsuit (Spring Suit)

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$ 225.00
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Groundswell Supply is proud to offer our own custom made wetsuit line made to our exact specifications and high quality standards. There are so many options these days for quality wetsuits in the marketplace. It was hard to choose who to work with to offer our customers a premium quality product while providing an exceptional value. After doing our research and wearing and testing most of the major brands over the last thirty years, we have found one suit that we like more than the rest. The story begins in 1973 when a group of surfers in Peru were searching for a better wetsuit. In their quest they were unsatisfied with what was available so they set out to create their own interpretation of what a wetsuit should be. The founder was a competitive surfer with experience surfing breaks all over the world. As an industrial engineer he decided to design his own wetsuits to meet his own high standards and demands as a world traveler. Our supplier has been heavily involved in the development of today's super stretch neoprene materials and the latest bonding and seaming process. We have partnered with our manufacturer of wetsuits to offer you what we believe is the best fitting, comfortable, long lasting and warm wetsuits in the world. The wetsuits are made by hand to your exact specifications as we require twenty one measurements sent in from you to create a tailor made fit. Our custom made wetsuits are made the artisan way, which means that your suit is made with a tremendous attention to details. They are completely hand made and they take longer to make but they last longer and they don't crack as they get old. There are four key ingredients to a Groundswell Custom Made Wetsuit 1.) Flexibility, Warmth 3.) Comfort 4.) Strength.

Features of the Groundswell Custom Made Wetsuit:
Tailor Made to your body shape and measurements
Double Sided Titanium Panels
Triple glued, double thread blind lock stitch that wont unravel
Fully taped with a tape that streches as much as the panels
Tape applied in “cold” by hand to give the tape a longer lasting life
100% ultrastretch and dynaflex
Double lined titanium metalite panels
Seamless shoulder and under arm panels
V panel water barrier under the zipper
100% Yamamoto neoprene material
YKK metal self locking zip head
Black neoprene with no logos on the suit
Two year warranty

If you have tried other suits and have yet to find one that you really love or if you have a desire to get a suit that is made to fit you like a finely tailored suit, this is the one. Because suits are hand made, please allow 8-12 weeks for your order.
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