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Futures Fins Clay Marzo Thruster Set (Medium)

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$ 100.00
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This is Clay Marzo’s signature thruster set. Clay is always jumping and switching Features Techflex materials with a thicker fin foil creating a stiff flex pattern. The design provides drive and hold while the thinner tip allows for release off of the top. Designed for surfers weighing between 145 and 195 pounds.  Futures Fins offers the ultimate in performance and technology.

Height: 4.56"
Base: 4.49"
Area: 14.36"

Rear fins:
Height: 3.84"
Base: 3.86"
Area: 10.54"

About Futures Fins

Futures Fins began in a garage in California in 1996. Backed by industry leaders with over 50 years of surfboard building experience, the Longo brothers were able to use their engineering backgrounds to create products involving something they were passionate about, Surfing. Today our passion for surfing and our commitment remains the same, and since Futures is a family owned business they are much more concerned with impressing you, the board-rider, than any board member. The designers, the engineers, the marketing department and the shipping crew all surf, and we’re all stoked when other surfers come back and tell us how the products work for them. They thrive on experimentation, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking. The Futures team has the ability to dream up a fin, design it, cut it and surf it, all in a matter of hours under one roof in California. With this ability, they have the freedom to create a lot of designs to bring the surfer and paddler the ultimate in fin technology.

Groundswell Supply has chosen Futures as our first fin supplier based on their extreme commitment to innovation, design and quality. It's no secret that Futures has expanded the horizon in fin technology through the years and has proven to be both highly functional and stylish as evidenced by the thousands of avid surfers that ride Futures all over the globe. Although Futures roots are in surfing, they have recently expanded the product line for the paddle market as well and have a variety of designs to cover both surfing and paddle sports. At Groundswell Supply we have a strong commiment to offering the best the market has to offer, to this end we are proud to be working with Futures fins for industry leading fin systems.

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