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BRICK Backpack and Bag

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The people at BRICK are creative…case in point is this amazing little design for a backpack that easily converts to a hand carry bag.  This bag can be used for trips to the beach, to pickup groceries without plastic or a trip to the library.  The straps work well when extended for a one arm carry or just slide the straps out and it doubles as a backpack. BRICK products are made with a purpose in Swaziland, Africa.  These beautiful one of a kind bags are made from durable recycled materials native to  Africa .  Each one has a unique design and pattern and are made in limited supply. The material changes  on every bag so  no two are alike.  The bags were made by a group of eight woman that were hired to create and hand sew these unique creations.  Each year a small batch of these are produced on hand crank sewing machines, then brought back to the United States.  Each one is made with care and is making a difference to help provide for wom en and families  that otherwise would not have employment opportunities.  These cool designs fit perfectly into the ocean lifestyle.   BRICK…made with purpose.  BRICK is a "High Five" partner, what this means is that Groundswell Supply will give back 5% to the organization  to continue their important work.


Brick is a movement for transformation. It started with a call to go to Africa, to serve the people and to help develop a community in need. In November of 2010 with a desire to help those in need, Brandon Jones set out to meet the people, develop relationship and determine what could be done to help the people in Swaziland. The opportunity became visible as Brandon used his ingenuity to develop a hand made line of wallets, purses, and bags using recycled and native materials to Swaziland. With a small group of woman and some well used sewing machines, BRICK was birthed and the products came alive with the hard work and love of “Hand Crankin Mommas in Swaziland” as their product patch so proudly displays. Through these small batches of hand made products and their sale in the United States there has been a great deal of empowerment. Each of the ladies have written accounts of how this effort has made a difference in their lives and how they see opportunity that was not visible before. After the first trip there was a very warm response to the products and everything was sold through local events. Brandon set out again in 2014 to create more and we now have a fresh line of BRICK products in the Groundswell Supply Store. Every piece is unique in material as the recycled materials are made from recycled sack materials and so the patterns and colors always scream original. Not only are they each beautiful and interesting but they are durable materials that will last. We are excited to partner with Brandon and this exciting project to help the people of Swaziland. We are confident that you will be pleased with your purchase and you can know that you are making a difference through buying this product. BRICK is a High Five partner which means we will be giving back 5% of our sales of this product to the non profit to help them continue this amazing work.

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