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Bill Johnson Godfather Model Surfboard

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This new design by Bill Johnson is designed with the high speed surfer in mind, named the Godfather as it commands the respect of all who ride and see this board.  A high performance outline with a full channels underneath that pull all the way out the back of the tail which gives the rider a type of overdrive on the board that is not possible with the normal bottom contour.  This design channels more water under the board at a faster rate which creates another level of speed when driving through a larger, faster wave.  Designed for hollow conditions where stability and speed is needed. An exciting and innovative design created by Bill for the advanced surfer.

About Teqoph

Bill Johnson was raised in Cocoa Beach Florida along side some of the best surfers in the world to include eleven time world champion Kelly Slater.  At the  ripe old age of eighteen he already had several amateur surfing titles under his belt. Bill was fortunate to have earned the #1 seeds position on the World Champion US team in 1984.  After winning the US title in 1986, he turned professional.  Shortly thereafter he started a family and began a career in surfboard shaping and the rest is history.  Bill started shaping with Quiet Flight surfboards and eventually graduated in his expertise where he obtained a coveted position designing and shaping boards for Rusty surfboards where he worked directly with Rusty Preisendorfer and the team riders for eight years.  During this time he was able to develop a reltaionship shaping boards for CJ Hobgood and was able to shape his quiver of boards the year he won the world championship in 2001.  In addition to this, he has shaped boards for some of the most respected and well known surfers in the world to include CJ and Damien Hobgood, Melia Manuel, Dusty Payne, Clay Marzo and many others.  His custom hand shaped Teqoph brand boards are sought out by both amateur and professional surfers around the world.  He is known for his high performance, ultra fast shortboards but has designed many new models that are for surfers of all skills levels.  Bill now lives and shapes in Oceanside California.  He is happily married with three children and is a devoted Christian.  Bill is a true designer and shaper in this day and age of CNC machine cut boards.  One of the unique characteristics about Bill is his ability to design highly functional boards and then shape them by hand.  In a world of technology he has been able to stay true to his roots and create some of the best performing boards that demonstrate American craftsmanship at it's finest.  He is a shaper that has surfed competitively and is still avid so he can stay on top of what the customer needs and how to continually improve his designs.  

Why Hand Shaped? 

Groundswell Supply is stoked to be working with Bill and Teqoph Surfboards. We are offering what we believe are the gold standard in high performance hand shaped surfboards.  There is something really special about knowing the board you own was handmade by a craftsman.  One thing you can expect when you order a Teqoph surfboard from Groundswell Supply is that the shape will be custom built for you using high quality US made foam and fiberglass resins.  We have selected the best materials for combined performance and durability.   Before we start we will take into consideration four elements  1.) your surfing ability 2.) wave conditions where you surf 3.) What you hope to achieve 4.) your height and weight.  We will work with you to identify the size, dimensions and volume that is tailor made for you.  All of these factors combined with Bill Johnson's twenty three years of hand shaping experience make the difference between a stock board and custom.  Your board will be designed, shaped and signed by Bill to include your name and exact dimensions written on the stringer.  Should you order one of these special hand crafted boards we are confident that we will be supplying you with a board that was built with special attention to you.


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