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Bamboo O'Side Pier Longboard

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$ 198.00
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New drop through shape and style designed by the team at Bamboo Skateboards, the O'Side pier model has the strength of sustainable bamboo with the right amount of flex you want. The top of the board features the off center dark and light bamboo striping and the bottom displays the legendary Oceanside Pier. Ideal for cruising or hills, this board is sure to get you stoked on surf skating. Deck is made of 70% Bamboo/20% Maple. The complete includes: Tracker Fastrack 180mm trucks, 70mm/78a The Blur Wheels,Abec 7 Runner Bearings, Clear Grip Tape,1.25" and Black Hardware.

About Bamboo Skateboards

Bamboo Skateboards is a local California grown company headquartered in Oceanside.  The team is committed to building a high quality product  while being conscious of the impact of their product on the environment. As opposed to the 40-60 year maturation window for maple trees, bamboo shoots mature in about 3 years. They can grow up to 18 inches in just a day. Bamboo does not have to be replanted after it’s harvested.  When one shoot is cut down several grow in its place as bamboo is a grass that continues to grow naturally.   Additionally, bamboo removes quadruple the amount of carbon dioxide from the air compared to trees like the Canadia Maple used in most skateboard manufacturing. Not only is bamboo fast-growing and good for the environment it is much stronger than other woods.  There is a direct reduction in Maple deforestation by the creation and use of bamboo in skateboards which we think is a really important aspect of the Bamboo Skateboard products.  We researched many skateboard brands prior to selecting this product line.  We were searching for a high quality product that was unique in the marketplace.  Bamboo Skateboards has developed an authentic line for those that want to cruise, surf skate, or even try the hills.   Bamboo Skateboards has a direct supply of sustainable bamboo that is grown and managed responsibly.  The decks are produced out of a combination of 70% bamboo and 30% Canadian Maple to allow for the the ultimate in skate deck strength and flex perfect for longboard cruising and downhill riding.  Once the Bamboo decks are manufactured they are shipped to California to the production facility where graphics are applied and premium quality components are added.  They have made an excellent decision to build the boards with world renowned Tracker Trucks as well as custom branded wheels made in California.  Bamboo Skateboards has their own artists and design team that create unique ocean inspired designs that are both stylish and relevant.  One thing we love about Bamboo Skateboards and the material itself is the strength of bamboo...we have yet to see anyone break a bamboo skateboard.  Because of the natural way that Bamboo grows it is significantly stronger than Canadian Maple skateboards and just looks amazing as a naturally grown material.  Groundswell Supply is proud to partner with Bamboo Skateboards and look forward to many more years offering this product through our store.
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